Walking the Midway

Walking the Midway in Purgatory: A Journal
This journal renders a multi-dimensional perspective for a period spanning forty years. These are small stories about what happened to me while I watched what was happening all around me. They depict reminiscence, in a lyrical view of what America was and what it has become. It is the story of my pilgrimage, a portrait of experiences with characters striving to create a life apart from mainstream values. Part political disquisition, part travel journal, part self-exploration, where horror and beauty inhabit the same space of darkest abyss and dazzling paradise, where the words of Ayn Rand, as affirmation and mantra, chaperoned my passage; “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute”.


An outstanding collection of philosophy, insight, revelation and truth, this rare journal deserves a category all its own. The Author is a prophet, poet, philosopher and historian, a messianic shepherd leading a flock on a spiritual journey of enlightenment. From the darkest secrets of life, to the rigors of reality, to great American tragedy, this saga to the stars deserves worldwide recognition, one I share with friends. His second masterpiece, ARMOR OF INNOCENCE, rises from infancy to the mystery of existence on this carnal plane, another in-depth roadmap to we, the unready souls, residing in purgatory. Both subtle and shocking, both books are unheralded treasures deserving of best seller status, equally to cherish for the ages. J A McFarland

Highly recommended

A gripping journey across the world by an irascible protagonist makes you feel as if you were there. Masesso has a raw style that has no pretense,refreshing and thoughtful. Richard_Lucas

A cross between Ham on Rye and Huck Finn with a zipgun
This is a journal style story about social events and personal experiences during the sixties. True to the sixties the messages are timeless and apply today. The author’s style is direct with enough sensitivity to allow easy ruminating. The author’s descriptions give one the feeling of being there. This book is entertaining and educational; a text book for anyone curious about the sixties and the people that came from everywhere to the Bay Area. I am giving this book to my kids ages 35, 30, 16 and 12. Every page contains moral and metaphysical questions presented in a unique way that demand thought, discussion and answer. Builder

To all the kids that grew up in 50’s and 60’s…,
To those who were told by their parents and teachers that they had more opportunities available to them than any other generation in history…To the Kennedy generation that was asked what they could do for their country and not what their country could do for them…To the idealists who took these statements seriously and marched in the streets for civil rights…To the Vietnam veterans who fought in a foreign land and gave their life for democracy and freedom…To all those who felt that we had been betrayed by the adults…Walking the Midway in Purgatory is your story. It is a remarkable journey and it will draw you into the heart of the action. This journal makes you realize that you are a witness and a participant of the times that you live in, that life in America is not just a weenie-roast or a spectator sport. As Mr. Masesso’s first book it is a five star performer and a probable screen play. I look forward to other writings from this author. Rheinhold “Rhino”

Reflective / Amusing / Insightful
Admittedly there were parts I had to think about. It is a reminiscence of a life’s journey with a by play of events that are part of history. I was also there for the turning of events. The reflections brought to me a reminder of the visions that could have been. Now again; I have been caused to weep. Charles Hubbard

 The 60’s Deconstructed
The author takes apart the 1960’s and the following decades in a way I had not seen before. Partly, his thesis indicates that the world we are in today is much the product of assassinations of MLK Jr, JFK and RFK. I found the book intriguing and very well written. Masesso’s style is hard hitting. It reminded me of Hemingway, Kerouac, and Hunter Thompson. The guy can write well. Bill Andrus


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