Armor Of Innocence

Armor of Innocence
In a voice reminiscent of Raymond Carver‘s minimalist realism, Charles Bukowski‘s raw journals of life’s underbelly and Alan Ginsberg‘s poet-political essays, Nick Masesso Jr’s second book of fictionalized short stories, poetry and prose is funny, insightful and heartbreaking, describing often in non-linier dreamscape narrative with the lyricism of a poet; the love and loss and the joy and angst of the fascinating and often mystifying connections of men and women in the intimacy of their daily lives. His writing style is both anti-novel and Imagist. He fragments and distorts the experience of characters, forcing the reader to construct the reality of the story from a disordered narrative, stressing economy of language; writing free, with precision of imagery and clear, sharp language and clarity of expression with precise visual images in musical phrase.


A Daily Read
Reality Lit is the phrase I’ve coined to describe Nick’s charismatic and brave writing style. His enticing and graceful prose blends the raw power of a locomotive at full throttle with the tenderness of a heart; wide open. He has created for us a new genre. Masesso reflects his broad spectrum of life experience in these pages. One of the appealing things of Armor is you can open it to any page and read a one or two page story, which carries in your thoughts all day. He brings to the surface the cultural undercurrents of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, and gets us thinking about how we arrived here today. In other passages, Masesso digs for emotional and personal bedrock with naked abandon. His thirst for truth is unquenchable. A high school dropout, he self-educated and emerges with deep historical knowledge, expansive vocabulary, and a masterful writing style, which I call Reality Lit. Armor of Innocence is a huge step forward for this fine storyteller. bill andrus

Legacy for the “Not” so Innocent
Armor is not innocent, it is not a story. It is tales of Life with the deodorant left off; an essence of macho for the girl who is attracted to “bad boys”. Romance, Sex, loyalty and even Love / Guns, Knives, Drugs, Degenerates, Hippies, Wise guys, Wise asses, villains and Heroes. Real Characters {you are one of them} so am I. Charles Hubbard

Must Reading for all baby boomers
There is a generation who grew up in a country that had the highest standard of living that the world had ever known. This generation was told, daily, that they were the golden ones, the promised ones. They were the innocent ones conceived in love after a very difficult World War II. When this truth generation came of age they began to see the hypocrisy that was all around them and reacted strongly. The lies were so pervasive that it felt like our parents and our elders had betrayed these children. Later, in picket lines, freedom marches and jail cells this generation realized that it was their life mission to uncover the truth. There was no going back into Innocence. In Armor of Innocence, the author as a member of this generation leads us to uncover the truth of any situation. Whether it is a love affair with a hooker, a family affair, a gang land scene, a travel log to foreign places, to a reflection of what it means to be a hero. The chapters offer a menu of situations that take us out of our naiveté into a questionable adulthood of materiality. Through his writing Nick Masesso Jr. takes us into scenarios that are existential. We realize that within the armor of innocence are those core beliefs that have been imparted to us by our parents and ancestors. These life-affirming beliefs embrace all races black and white while questioning any authority that is dogmatic and represses the human spirit. These core beliefs came from our grandfathers and all the inspirational characters and martyrs that we meet in this short life. If you are one 65 million U.S. baby boomer grandfathers and mothers and there is still a glimmer of truth seeker left in you; read this book! Remember that that without protest there is no democracy; that the unexamined life is not worth living. In the end and all that you have are memorable experiences and good pictures. Rheinhold “Rhino”

Well worth reading!
This book is best enjoyed by reading a few pages at a time, then thinking about what you have read. The writer is not asking for your agreement, but he wants your attention. My personal surprise was finding myself enjoying reading the poems as much as the short stories. Anyone over the age of fifty will find himself on one of these pages. Read and enjoy! The love stories are wonderful. IrishJB


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