Those that know don’t say; those that say don’t know”

The ball bearings hadn’t stopped bouncing on Boylston Street when the first website link hit my in-box proclaiming, yet again, that we’d done it to ourselves. False Flag Operation to be sure shouted the pedantic dilettantes; that jester mob of fake experts, closet geniuses who have locked on to conspiracy theory to explain, in my view, why they are such losers. It’s just a theory I have that goes thusly; the government is corrupt, the system’s corrupt, that’s why the wonder that is me has not rightly ascended the social or economic evolutionary ladder.

These are the same propeller-heads that wreak havoc on us daily with computer viruses just because they can, and they do it for free; proof they are so illogical they couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a base fiddle or find their own asses with both hands. If they weren’t either incapable or unwilling to create something that results in a paycheck and move out of Mom’s basement; they would. But instead they thrill us with their acumen. Yesterday I was eating cocoa-puffs, watching porn in my underwear and making love to my AR-15, but today I’m an expert on international espionage. You bet Bumpkin.

The professional wing-nuts like Rush and Beck and their ilk are laughing all the way to the bank; I get that. JFK lost his head for trying to stop a money laden war before it got really revved up and no one, President to Pope, will be allowed to live if he’s got his hands on that tiller; and I get that. The sensational Americans that make up the armaments industry will not willingly give up a tit that milks ¾ of a trillion dollars a year, at 25% profit, into their coffers any more than gun pushers will give up the 30 billion a year they earn from slinging hot bullet mayhem; not without a fight they won’t; taking out a President or allowing the slaughter of  a few dozen 5th graders; no problem. When war and guns are that profitable, it’s certain we’ll see more of it and them; and I get that too. Money changes everything.

I tend to find interest in surveys that cast a wide net; similar to the one’s seen on the CNN website, wherein they ask a question so ridiculous you’d think 100% of the surveyed, not retarded, would answer in the affirmative. Yet every time it seems, 30% of the responders answers in the negative. This is for me the metric that establishes my theory; 3 out of 10 of us are bat-shit crazy. I’m just saying.

I get the slime balls that attempt to frighten the weak and scared already with their ridiculous plot fantasies for money. What’s fascinating is the wide cross-section of otherwise reasonable regular folk’s that seemingly sign up for this horse shit willingly and claim to believe it, the aforementioned clown posse aside. Where’s the money there?

According to the imbeciles, from 911 to Sandy Hook to JFK Jr’s ill advised nighttime flight into a fog filled sky; every trench coat and black helicopter is filled by an evil American provocateur; groomers of yet another Manchurian Candidate, and no scrap of mislabeled “fact and evidence” is to small and nondescript to make certain their whimsy; James Earl Ray had his Raoul; and the Tsarnaev boys have their Misha; enough for the truly lame to pass for substantiation.

If these Shakespearean dramas did not validate the masturbatory daytime fantasies of this class of inbred nitwits, I suppose we could shrug it off as comic relief; but it does. And therein, as Willy Shakes lamented; lay the rub.


Comfortably Numb

The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?

Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

The Japanese have a saying: “the nail that sticks up gets pounded down”. This idiotic but unfortunatly true idiom infers that if you are different from others, you know; guys like Socrates or Galileo, you will be outcast from society. It’s also a warning meant to convey the fear inducing notion that conformance is enforced. If any one of you tries to be different, then you can expect aggressive treatment. I suppose this message worked well for centuries on the Japanese; since if any one of them ever had an original idea they’d huddle around it like a squirrel around a nut before winter.

We didn’t use to be like that here in the melting pot of the world where the divergence of humanity, unlike the homogeneous Japanese, fosters competition. But that ugly backlash of free children from the sixties; the ones that stopped a war and pried a president from the White House gave pause to the powered élite. So in the same way we now have all volunteer armed forces and no TV war footage over dinner and no pictures of caskets filled with the flower of America coming home in pieces; we also don’t take any lip from our kids. Now we nip that shit in the bud.

The added benefit of having a yearly for life multi-billion dollar windfall for the drug company vultures, and if that fails to be  lobotomized, and a whole new prison-for-profit industry for the seriously incalcitrant that lay in wait; is not lost on our rulers. Everything not mandatory is compulsory; so if we can’t drug you into submission we’ll simply throw you away. This is disconcerting; since it’s our youth that will save us; those fresh sets of eyes and ears that tell us the dominant paradigm is a steaming pile of bullshit.

When our future saviors wake one day teenagers, just the other side of childhood, when all was Unicorns and rainbows, and discover the news shooting across the wire reports infants being shot in the face while in their strollers for their morning walk and a few dozen more massacred with a machine gun in their fifth grade classrooms and a midget Moe from the Three Stooges look-alike promising to Nuke us till we glow from his hermit kingdom; they rightly wonder what the point of this mess, after all, is. Having digested the morning news; feelings of depression, thoughts of suicide and insanity take hold; along with a wish to pay no attention to this horror, all very reasonable and sane responses.

The parents, who’ve slowly learned to accept this ever worsening god awful shitty mess, search for a solution to their child’s sanity; their teachers wishing only that they’d quit fidgeting and pay attention, find the kids will have none of it and lurch to drugging and/or running useless power trips on them.

The best answer of course is to direct them toward some form of service to their communities, to humanity, one that they feel will make a difference. It’s like our new dope smoking Pope said: “authentic power is service”. Not only is this maxim true for those served; but it’s true for the servers as well. To even try to do good for others boosts our self-esteem and self-worth, brings meaning to life and vaporizes depression. Nothing will get an optimistic child, or an adult for that matter, out of a funk faster than to find a way to offer solutions to the madness and suffering, not all of it, but at least some of it. Save the world, or just one other person, and save yourself.

William Burroughs offered the opinion that drugs have been systematically demonized. He was referring to the ones I and many others have done pretty much every day for the past fifty years; the one’s Eli Lilly doesn’t get a cut from. I’m not advocating drugs, no one has to do that, though I would recommend steering clear of the needle; like we use to say; the only dope worth shooting is Nixon.

The recent fascination with a one stop shop to solve the so-called problems of Americas youth labeled with attention deficit and other horse shit make-believe ailments by hooking them early on one-a-day chemical solutions will not only ruin their heath and negatively alter their minds; but even worse for us collectively; it will stigmatize what would otherwise be a generation of our next Nobel Prize, Academy Award and Pulitzer award recipients; and if we commit that obscenity, then surely we are lost.