Nick Masesso, Jr.

Those that know don’t say; those that say don’t know”

The ball bearings hadn’t stopped bouncing on Boylston Street when the first website link hit my in-box proclaiming, yet again, that we’d done it to ourselves. False Flag Operation to be sure shouted the pedantic dilettantes; that jester mob of fake experts, closet geniuses who have locked on to conspiracy theory to explain, in my view, why they are such losers. It’s just a theory I have that goes thusly; the government is corrupt, the system’s corrupt, that’s why the wonder that is me has not rightly ascended the social or economic evolutionary ladder.

These are the same propeller-heads that wreak havoc on us daily with computer viruses just because they can, and they do it for free; proof they are so illogical they couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a base fiddle or find their own asses with both hands. If they weren’t either incapable or unwilling…

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About circusinpurgatory
Nick Masesso Jr’s fictionalized short stories, poetry and prose have been published in the Starry Night Review, Elegant Thorn Review, Language and and Vagabond Press; the Battered Suitcase. His latest book “Armor of Innocence” and first book “Walking the Midway in Purgatory, a Journal” are available on-line and through bookstores.

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