Nick Masesso, Jr.

A young man in Mexico,

poor enough to live in a hut

with a dirt floor,

fiercely religious,

speaks no English,

crawls across an imaginary line

in the desert

in the dead of night

to OZ .

He labors bent over

in a strawberry field

picking my food

for sub-standard wages,

no health care,

no other kind of care,

no safety codes,

no rules that favor him.

He pays taxes to an invisible hand every payday

for which he receives nothing.

He is reviled.

One day men with American flags

festooned on their drab military style uniforms


They call out “criminal”.

He looks around to see

who they speak of

as their well fed

white knuckles

grip his arm.

He is going home.

Migrants in Mexico

who risk the road to Xanadu

are folk heroes.

They are urban mythologies.

Those that hire them,

the Patrons,

rich and…

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About circusinpurgatory
Nick Masesso Jr’s fictionalized short stories, poetry and prose have been published in the Starry Night Review, Elegant Thorn Review, Language and and Vagabond Press; the Battered Suitcase. His latest book “Armor of Innocence” and first book “Walking the Midway in Purgatory, a Journal” are available on-line and through bookstores.

6 Responses to Thanks-Taking

  1. Roy says:


    I here with Pauli celebrating a pre thanksgiving meal at Bettes Dinner.

    Enjoyed your writing.

    I fucked a 35 year old Asian escort with skin Smoother than polished marble and big breasts with long nipples.

    It was good.


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks Pal!

    • Eva just dropped off a complete home made Thanksgiving dinner (with locally grown organic Turkey) for me; braved the sleet and snow to do it. Love that Girl.

  2. Roy says:

    Down at fishermans wharf. Just had a bowl of chowder from one of the stands that still have Italians working there instead of the Chinese that now run most of them.

    Hundreds of pasty white tourists, Hispanics, Asians and blacks. The masses milling about. Want to pick up one of the German blondes, Luthsansa Stewardesses with their tight asses.

    May go see Delusional Lorhman so full of ideas, most just a step above Zieglers.

    Z tried to beg 5000 from my friend who asked to split it and I said not a dime or a dollar to that fool so he gave him a grand.

    I won’t and can’t afford to help Z as he does not honor his debts or friends.

    Greetings from the city by the bay ruined by high tech yuppies and average rents now 3500 a month.


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Just finished 7 course meal, including organic turkey plus home made pumpkin pie, that Eva cooked; made with love. Best meal I’ve had in years.

  3. Roy says:


    Agree with your post about Trump. He is an embarrassment and optimizes the lowest common denominator of Americans.

    Ego without intelligence.


    Sent from my iPhonew


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